Corridor (EP)


“Classic songwriting, delivered with a yearning tremor and wreathed in an otherworldly glow.”Uncut, 2022

Steeped in a choric tranquillity, and shimmering with the stillness of dawn-break, the opening glosses of Cornelia Murr’s Corridor EP speaks of beautiful, wide-open vistas, of landscapes blossoming in sunlight. The LA-based singer/songwriter’s follow-up to 2018 debut Lake Tear of the Clouds sees her nudging her sonic palette of Americana-twinged Fantasia-folk into the gossamer realms of dream-pop: like the ethereality of Beach House married with the stark intimacies of ‘Big Time’ Angel Olsen.

Sparkles of omnichord, swathes of Mellotron, and the plucked delicacies of a 12-string guitar each soak through Corridor’s pores. But while Murr’s sound here feels richer than on any prior recording, the songs themselves carefully reflect on human romanticism; the perils of relationships, acceptance of the past forming some of the EP’s primary themes. It’s the timeless pop-paradigm of the bitter and the sweet that Murr so lovingly embraces here. The notable cover of Dion’s 1970s cult classic “Only You Know” that closes the set is almost in celebration of that fact.
That being said, enriching Corridor above all else is Murr’s enchanting vocal: pearly and soulful; embossed with a tear-streaked, hard-won wisdom gained only through those painful processions of time. Whether it’s the wallflower anthemia of “Hero” and “Changed”, the ivory-tinkling privacies of “Again”, or even “It’s Over” - a song channeling the experience of eating an unripe White Sapote fruit into a profound “lesson in nourishment” - Murr is more than happy for us to sit in on the workings of her interior life, expose us to the nakedness of her emotions.

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Corridor Track List:

  1. All Souls
  2. Changed
  3. Hero
  4. Again
  5. It’s Over
  6. Only You Know (Dion Cover)
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