We do accept demos but as we are a small label it takes us a while to respond. Please send any links to (no attachments, please, else they're likely to be blocked).

If you don’t know much about the music we release, maybe we’re not the right home for your music. Have a listen to some of the artists we work with and see if it would be something that could fit in with what we’re about. We don’t stick to any one genre, but you should get a feel for the general thread running through the music we work with.

Get In Touch

We would love to hear from you if you have comments on what we’re up to. We really appreciate feedback and constructive criticism so please send us your thoughts to: or even better put pen to paper and mail to us (address below) and prove the art of letter writing isn’t dead. You can of course find us on all the usual social networks.


UK & Ireland – Republic of Music

France – PIAS France

Germany, Austria, Switzerland – Rough Trade Distribution

Benelux – Konkurrent

Nordic (Denmark / Sweden / Finland / Norway) – Republic of Music

Italy – Family Affair

North America – InGrooves


For any distribution enquiries, please contact us via