hahahahahahahahaha EP


East-London singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Canty announces a new EP titled hahahahahahahahahahahahaha which will be released May 24 on Full Time Hobby.

The four-track EP depicts the progress of an abstract house party from the broken laughter and fatalistic passivism of EP opener and lead single “hahaha”, a nostalgic reunion “ta-da”, the water-based ballad "estuary pig" exploring addiction against the backdrop of the Thames Estuary, and ending with the hallucinogenic walk home and final black out of “blah blah blah”. The Filipino phrase “Bahala Na”, taken to mean “the combination of fatalism and determination in the face of uncertainty and the possibility of failure”, bookends the EP, appearing as a strange mantra in the spirit of stoicism and resignation throughout the first and the final track.

Canty dances underneath Clacton Pier by torchlight in the video for lead single “hahaha” filmed by Lara Laeverenz, serving as a homage to Canty's childhood spent at the once hometown of Sade; Clacton on Sea. 

Watch the video to “hahaha” HERE.

Canty will bring their enigmatic performance to In Colour Festival at Brudenell on May 11th and The Great Escape on May 17th.

Pre-order/save hahahahahahahahahahahahaha HERE.

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