Singing Desperately Suite


The Saxophones cap off an exciting 2018 with Singing Desperately Suite, an EP based around the song of the same name taken from their debut album “Songs of the Saxophones.”

Having released an EP & their debut album, toured UK & Europe twice (including sold out shows in London & Porto) and recorded a live session for Lauren Laverne on BBC 6 Music, The Saxophones will release Singing Desperately Suite on 22nd Feb 2019 on limited edition 7” and digital. Watch the band perform the title track live in London

Alexi Erenkov wrote a few words on the EP to give us all a bit of background behind these beautiful songs:

“The Singing Desperately Suite is a concept EP that caricatures my stilted process of awakening to the suffering I have caused women in my life. The four pieces represent my journey from oblivious (“Prelude”) to indignant and indifferent (“Singing Desperately”) to ashamed (“Crude Advance”) and finally a return to obliviousness (“You Seem Upset”).

The title track, “Singing Desperately,” was originally released on our debut LP, Songs of The Saxophones. It is an intimate expression of a phenomenon I see in myself and humanity as a whole: the ability to feel indifferent to other people’s suffering. It’s a theme Alison, my partner and bandmate, and I have spent many years considering and I wanted to expand upon.

I finished this EP in the Fall of 2018. Coincidentally, the week I recorded “Crude Advance” the United States Senate heard special testimony from Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford. I was struck by how many people questioned whether the behaviour he was accused of constituted anything abnormal or criminal. This seemed to symbolize what I was trying to articulate: When immoral behaviour can be excused as normal we can distance ourselves from the consequences.

I’m aware that women’s suffering is not my story to tell. My intention here is to apologize and describe my process of waking up, including my failings along the way. I’d also like to hope I could possibly motivate others to face the dark, unflattering parts of themselves and strive to do better. “

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