Further Down the Road


Out today, and featuring another mellow, classic video is Further Down the Road, the final single from Sylvie’s forthcoming self-titled LP. The track, featuring Marina Allen on lead vocals, transports us to the Californian sunshine; it’s all sun-glistens and dusty walks, rootsy piano and low slung bass. Check the clip here

Speaking about the track, Sylvie’s Ben Schwab says “I wrote Further Down the Road about having faith and hope in the face of losing someone close to me. It’s about relinquishing control to a higher power, and trusting in the universe that in time things will fall into place. 

One of the things we tried to portray in the video are the roles in Sylvie. I’m the songwriter and Marina is the messenger. With each Sylvie song I try and channel something in myself that is often realized through collaboration. There is always a wanting from the song and a striving for self-growth. I hope you can feel that energy in “Further Down the Road” and that you enjoy it- it’s one of my favorites I’ve written.”

Video director Rocco Rivetti shared some insight into the inspiration behind the new clip: “For "Further Down The Road," Ben and I initially spoke about a desire to craft a more personal and inward looking video than the performance we shot for "Falls on Me" or the 16mm road diary epic we made for "Shooting Star." What emerged is a mixed media collage inspired by the unique creative process behind Sylvie, where Ben, as the primary songwriter, crafts songs for specific collaborators, designed to fully utilize each singer's strengths. Something that often goes unnoticed in this process is that to write these songs Ben is channeling something hidden in himself that only finds voice in these creative partnerships. The recurring visual of an Altar anchors the video, a symbolic effigy to something larger than ourselves, but equally the video's collage-like aesthetic was chosen to represent the magic that occurs in the interplay between collaborators.”

Watch the video for Further Down the Road here

Watch the video for Falls on Me here

Sylvie is out now on CD and LP, buy

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