Betwixt and Between


Spencer Cullum’s Coin Collection 2 sees the Nashville-based musician step further from the pedal steel and towards centre stage. Released on the evergreen Full Time Hobby label on 14th April 2023, this new collection of tracks is a kaleidoscopic collection of folk, jazz, and pop, cut though with immaculately-rendered songwriting.

Out today is a second track from the album, Betwixt and Between, featuring classic Coin member Erin Rae on vocals. The track, written by Spencer and long time collaborator Andrew Combs, follows the story of a soldier who lives on the coast to leave to war knowing he won’t return. Spencer, Erin Rae and Skyway Man put on a Halloween event a couple of years ago where they played the music of the 1973 film The Wicker Man. The production and arrangement of those songs filtered through into Betwixt and Between in particular. “A Nashville pagan folk homage” as Spencer puts it.

Watch the video for Betwixt and Between, directed by Hollow Hand, here.

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