Mouth Full of Glass is the debut album by Chicago singer, songwriter, composer, and multi-instrumentalist Macie Stewart (She/They). Their story is one of finding solace and strength in solitude, where lush arrangements search for the meaning of self, both within and without partnership. Exploring loneliness, as well as the growth and beauty blooming from it, Macie’s inner meditations reassess their own relationships in a singular voice that could ring true to anyone.

With new single Defeat, included on the CD and digital versions of the album, Macie has worked with director Sid Branca to create an entrancing accompanying video, available to watch here

Speaking of the track, Macie says: “Defeat is about confronting overextension and overcommitment. Sometimes you say yes so many times- to work, to hangs, to relationships, that you cease to bring your best in all those avenues. I think it can sneak up on you, but even when it does, it’s hard to admit how you’ve gotten there. I try to have patience with myself when I experience that- always trying to learn when and where that limit is. I feel very grateful to have VV Lightbody on flutes for this song- a dear friend who has helped me through many of these conversations.”

Macie is joining Widowspeak on their European tour just after the release of Mouth Full of Glass, concluding with their debut London headline show at Sebright Arms on 9th Dec. Tickets available here.

Mouth Full of Glass track list:

  1. Finally
  2. Garter Snake
  3. Mouthful of Glass
  4. Golden (For Mark)
  5. Where We Live
  6. What Will I Do
  7. Tone Pome
  8. Wash It Away
  9. Defeat
  10. Maya, Please

Mouth Full of Glass is available to pre-order now on CD, clear vinyl, purple vinyl, and digital. Initial orders from Bandcamp, Rough Trade or the Full Time Hobby store come with an exclusive signed postcard:

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