Bouncing Ball


Arriving where introversion and extroversion meet, Dana Gavanski is an artist unafraid of extremes. With two fine albums of mythological off-kilter pop under her belt - 2020's Yesterday Is Gone and this year’s When It Comes - was met with praise aplenty.

Not one to standstill for too long and just like she did following her debut, the London based Canadian-Serbian has recorded an EP of covers. Taking on songs by Roberto Cacciapaglia, Tony, Caro and John and The Kinks. The first to be released is her version of David Bowie’s 'Word on a Wing': 

"I came upon this song not long ago. I’d been on a Bowie binge over the last year, slowly moving over his discography. What I love about this song is the tenderness and religiousness that he expresses towards creativity.  He was in the middle of filming The Man Who Fell To Earth and feeling the tension and intensity of film acting, losing a sense of himself and going a bit mad, entering one of his ‘born again’ phases (“Sweet name you’re born once again for me”). Sometimes it's the experience of coming apart and searching for a shape to hold it all together. I love his blunt passion, like a sermon spoken inward.”

With a headline tour due in September with an expanded 5-piece line-up, Dana is currently perfecting her live performance by practising a voice ever more elaborate, and honing her subtle hand gestures to match, which also takes influence from Bowie and his live performances. "I discovered he practised mime with Lindsay Kemp early on in his career,” she says of seeking inspiration. “I’ve done some mime classes since and it’s become good practice to go deeper into the body and be less controlled by the humility of the mind.”

Bouncing Ball is out now. Buy / listen.


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