Take My Fantasy (Maston Remix)


After a couple of years of silence from Oakland husband-wife duo The Saxophones, we’re served a wonderful remix from Frank Maston, a true maestro of the laid back, soulful, 60s-inspired pop. Giving the 2020 album track Take My Fantasy a new sun-bleached sheen, Maston has seemingly heralded a mini heatwave here in the UK and Europe. Powerful stuff.

“The deceptively simple arrangement and intimate vocal delivery hit me as something that could be preserved, while perhaps injecting a bit more energy into it, Frank says of the creation of the mix. “I chose a sort of soft-soul arrangement and added a mellow drum groove. The core of the song remains intact, with the instrumental parts rearranged into more of a classic pop structure. The result is a reimagined version of the track that preserves the original vision while offering another angle."

The track is available to stream here

The Saxophones are currently writing material for their third album due for release in 2023.

Listen to Eternity Bay which features the original version of Take My Fantasy here

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