New Taboo


"New Taboo" originated from a playful scenario I imagined in which Alison, my wife and bandmate, decides to leave me for the good life with a man who can provide the finer things (probably a lawyer?). The song was initially conceived as a comic duet between myself and Alison, but I ultimately found the song to be more interesting when I, alone, sang it from Alison's fictionalized perspective. I was listening to a lot of Randy Newman while working on this record, and I think his technique of singing and writing from ethically compromised points of view informed my choice to swap characters. 


Despite the comic nature of the original concept, I am attempting to seriously investigate the perspective of someone who is shameless in their enjoyment of privilege and looking to disrupt norms merely for the thrill of it. The song also flirts with themes of lust, novelty and estrangement. It's meant to be a hedonistic anthem that also makes people think twice.” - Alexi Erenkov


The Saxophones, husband and wife duo Alexi Erenkov and Alison Alderdice, return with their second album “Eternity Bay”, which follows their debut album, 2018’s “Songs of the Saxophones”, and a string of sold-out 7” singles (“If You’re On the Water”, “Aloha” and “Singing Desperately Suite”), due for release on 14th February 2020.

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