All There Is


“The duo has mastered a kind of arch, blurry, deadpan crypto-jazz style, with Erenkov singing lounge tracks and playing his own flutes, guitars, and, yes, saxophones” - Stereogum


Following the release of third album To Be a Cloud in June of this year, The Saxophones have shared some low-key, blissful alternative versions of tracks from the recording sessions. All There Is is out now on all digital platforms.

“We recorded these songs in an incredible studio called The Unknown. It's a repurposed Catholic church on Fidalgo Island in the Pacific Northwest” explains songwriter Alexi Erenkov.

“After spending a week taking advantage of all the studio's treasures, I wanted to spend the last few hours of our time singing several songs acoustically and savoring the sound of the room itself. The result was the first two tracks of All There Is.”

The final song on the EP is an alternate version of our song "Margarita Mix." My music can be serious, but the recording process is often filled with playfulness. When we were recording this one I impulsively decided to sing/speak the lyrics as a direct homage to the easy-listening/exotica guru Eden Ahbez and his composition "Full Moon." Listening to it still makes me laugh, but the song's lyrical content continues to carry weight as it dwells on the destructive force men can play in relationships.”

The EP, as a whole, brings me back to the beautiful space and the wonderful feeling of making a record with wonderful people.”

And listen to To Be a Cloud here:

The band will be making their first trip back to Europe in 4 years this November. Tickets are on sale now, more information here.



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