Hurt A Fly


Squirrel Flower, the moniker of Ella Williams, has announced her new album Planet (i), due for release on 25th June! We couldn’t be happier to have new music from Ella so soon after the brilliant “I Was Born Swimming” was released last January. And what an album this is…

For now, we’re sharing the explosive single Hurt A Fly and its video directed by Ryan Schnackenberg. Watch here

Ella has spoken a bit about the track’s meaning: 

"‘Hurt A Fly’ is me embodying a persona of gaslighting, narcissistic soft-boy type shit. The classic ‘sorry I acted violently, I'm not mad that you got upset at me, wanna hang out next week?’. I wanted to see what it was like to be a character trying to skirt around accountability. It's an angry and unhinged song, and for the video I wanted to be inside a bubble writhing around and trying to get out. A stranger filmed me practicing choreography at a public park, submitted it to a meme page making fun of ‘influencers,’ and the video got 1,000,000 views, which in my mind is perfect thematically." 

Buy Planet (i) on CD, LP + limited Rough Trade Exclusive orange vinyl + bonus CD. Head here

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