Follower / Mercy Street


We're greatly excited to announce the signing of Canty, East-London singer and multi-instrumentalist. A self-taught musician by their early teens, Canty creates imaginative and original music that crosses the worlds of alternative pop and indie weirdness.

First drawing praise for enigmatic performances and hypnotic ballads (distantly reminiscent of Syd Barrett or Marlene Dietrich) Canty’s dystopian odes flicker in the face of dissolution and despair, balancing on the precipice between the transcendental and the mundane.

Today, Canty shares debut single and video for “Follower”. The single, featuring sampled vocals to create a distorted Uncanny Valley feel, is taken from their forthcoming AA-side 7” due later this summer.

In the video Canty performs in-front of A.I. abstracted versions of places, both real and imagined, close to their heart; Clacton on Sea, Eastgate shopping centre Basildon, Canty’s Nans house in Dagenham, a transmuted dream like forest and the pub.
On the track Canty explains,

‘Follower’ came up as a sort of pagan love song to self-checkout cameras & facial recognition. It's my stalker song to digital dependency & the uncanny Valley. The Singer is both the Voyeur & the one being watched in a cybernetic dystopia before finally being confronted by a real world situation as my mate Sophie says: ‘I didn’t say anything I didn't do anything it was about 6 in the morning and i just kind of kept, kept my head down.”

Follower / Mercy Street is out now digitally. A limited edition 7" is available to pre-order, set for release on 6th Oct.

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