The Holy Strangers

A Playlist of Influences
Micah P. Hinson Bologna 2017

With Micah P. Hinson's new album out in just over a week, we asked him to send over some tracks which were an inspiration to him in the process of writing this wonderful piece of work. 

Accompanying the tracks is a bit of background from Micah:

"I give to you a list of songs that "influenced" me while recording The Holy Strangers, though with saying that, I am already lying to you - misleading you. For some records, a musician might want to immerse himself with songs and bands-musicians and creations- that will somehow 'speak' to them - show them a way through the darkness of creating music out of thin air, as that is what, at the basis of it all, a musician does - they create something never before born into the world of reality and sound. I have found myself doing this. The saying goes, 'if you don't know what to write, go to your bookshelf'. Yet with The Holy Strangers, the story was not what I wanted to tell - it was a story I needed to tell, and even more so, a story I had to tell. I felt pulled away from any and all things that would help guide me. It was weaving and praying in the dark - not knowing the floor from the ceiling, nor up from down. There was no map. I, many times while making The Holy Strangers, sank into very dark places - felt things I thought I had forever rid myself of - old demons and new, testing me on whether I could accomplish this almost impossible task. I might sound melodramatic - self consumed - or self important with these words - this explanation, but it something I feel I must share with you. A truth you should consider while listening and consuming this record. So, back to my "influences"- being that I never went to a "bookshelf" meant I had to depend on my life - everything I had heard, felt, and gathered - to create The Holy Strangers. This list is that - a list of songs that are sketched on my soul. Songs worth the world."

You can stream the playlist HERE

1. John Denver - Matthew (from Back Home Again)

2. Bedhead - The Present (from Transaction de Novo)

3. Barry Black - I Can't Breathe (from Barry Black)

4. Pedro The Lion - Be Thou My Vision (from The Only Reason I Feel Secure)

5. Leadbelly - Rock Island Line (from Negro Sinful Songs)

6. Headphones - Slow Car Crash (from Self-Titled)

7. John Hartford - Indian War Whoop ( from Oh Brother Where Art Thou OST)

8. Antonio Sanchez - The Anxious Battle For Sanity (from Birdman OST)

9. Hugo Montenegro & His Orchestra - The Story of a Soldier (from The Good The Bad The Ugly OST)

Further listening -

Albinoni - Adagio (from The Greatest Hits of 1720 LP) * this specific version

Ronin - Twin Peaks Theme (from Twin Peaks 7")

Lift To Experience - With The World Behind (from the S/T EP)

The Ink Spots - I Never Had A Dream Come True (78rpm single)

The Carter Family - Bonnie Blue Eyes (from The Carter Family on Border Radio LP)

Iris Dement - Near The Cross (from Lifeline LP)


Micah P. Hinson Presents The Holy Strangers is out 8th September on CD / 2xLP / Digital Download. Pre-order HERE.


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