Michael Nau - The Load EP

New 7-track EP out now
Michael Nau

Michael Nau has followed up his Some Twist album with a 7-track EP of bonus cuts, including two tracks with Natalie Prass (Big Wind No Sail, Diamond Anyway). ​

Michael said of the new tracks: 

"These songs come from the same pool as the songs from "Some Twist." 
For whatever reason, they felt like outliers at the time, and weren't included in the mixing sessions. You can hear some pieces.. a few lines here and there that worked their way into that record in a different form. I see this as an extension of those songs, and that process. It's not easy to separate myself from that process - the time and place spent recording these things - I've stopped trying to hear it any other way. For the most part, this is a band playing together in a room... well, a different band, in different rooms, at various points in the trip. 

It brings me a great deal of joy to be a part of those moments, and I walk away feeling energized and wonderfully confused - I've learned to let that period linger best I can, before it passes... I hope that same joy is what carries on with these songs. I've been making records for a good while and still feel at a beginning - and, that finally feels like a good place to be."

The Load EP is out now, just before Michael begins his UK & European tour. 

You can buy the digital-only release from our Bandcamp

Or listen to it on Spotify

Full tour dates on Songkick

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