Micah Book One

Listen to the 7+ minute centrepiece of the new album "The Holy Strangers"
Micah P. Hinson Bologna 2017

Ahead of the new album "The Holy Strangers" being released on 8th September, we've decided to share the uniquely brilliant 7+ minute centrepiece from the new record - "Micah Book One."

Scottish site Gold Flake Paint were kind enough to premier the track last week and wrote some wonderful words about the piece. Read them HERE, but to give you a taster, here's a choice quote:

"I don’t know enough about religion, or the books that Micah P. Hinson pulls these words from, to place them correctly, to embolden them with context. I know enough about the world to fear loss, to despise men, to crave power and cower from it too. I’ve heard enough music to know I’ve rarely heard anything like “Micah Book One” or the new record from where it comes; a stirring document of a life lived, and others imagined, that rises and falls, shrinks and explodes across an hour of heaving words and wisdoms."

As of the time of writing, we have less than 30 copies of The Holy Strangers book bundles left. Snag one HERE.

Full tour dates announced now too. Italian shows go on sale in mid-September.

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