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Eternity Bay was recorded by Cameron Spies (Radiator Hospital) in Portland and mixed by Noah Georgeson (Joanna Newsom, Devendra Banhart) in California this summer, and today the band have shared the second piece of music from the album – “Lamplighter” – a song which will appeal greatly to fans of Timber Timbre, Angelo Badalamenti & David Lynch’s score work, and of course the work of Antonio Carlos Jobim.

Songwriter Alexi Erenkov spoke about the track’s hidden meanings and influences:

"Lamplighter" is about my attempts to escape anxiety through alcohol and other vices.  

While indulging, I often convince myself that I'm on some kind of path to enlightenment, that I'll find an escape from impermanence and be able to touch the eternal, but all of my hedonistic impulses lead me back to the same reality. And I'm left to face the fact that even the truest love is impermanent. 

 The song takes its name from a bar on the misty Washington coast where I spent an evening drinking with close friends after a show. The night and the following day's walk on the beach were both enjoyable, but I was particularly struck by how much my conversations, thoughts, and actions were avoidant of the present. Whether through alcohol or simply distracting myself with thoughts of the future, I find ways to fight reality.

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