Inertia, the second EP from London 5-piece Margot, collects three previously released pop nuggets and two brand new pieces which embrace a more diverse range of sounds and influences.

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Recorded and mixed by drummer Ben Andrewes, this collection of songs presents an expansion of the band’s sound, from the murky swagger of the ‘Fame’ to the dreamlike balladry ‘Universal Credit’. Alex Hannaway’s lyrical focus moves from the fraught outcomes of fame in modern life to personal realities in ‘Universal Credit’. Building upon the dream pop sound of previous releases, ‘Inertia’ embraces a more diverse cast of sounds and textures: closeness of acoustic guitars, fuzzy synthesiser and warped lo-fi drums. Chiara Baima Poma’s painted artwork for the EP shows the band in an escapist otherworldly scene, together, and enjoying a feast. An absent novelty during the period that ‘Inertia’ was made. 

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