Earlier this year, The Besnard Lakes released their latest record, the sprawling double album “Are the Last of the Great Thunderstorm Warnings.” One of the tracks which didn’t quite make it to the finished album was the superb “Superego” – keen fans will know that this track was released on flexi disc with the Dinked Edition of the vinyl.

"Superego is a song that tells the story of Olga’s childlike fascination with the appearance of fireflies" say the band. "First seeing them in Greece on a family vacation now living amongst them, has a certain effect on one’s moral fortitude, hence the title referring to Freud’s Superego. A sort of angelic ideal in everyone. Also, there is a guitar called a Superego that is all over this song!”

The song is available to stream now on all platforms, and a visualiser made by the band is premiering at 4pm BST today.

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