Fading Cosmos


Jacco Gardner – Fading Cosmos – New EP


16 minutes of new music out now. 


Jacco follows up 2018’s sonically adventurous, instrumental album “Somnium” with a new 16 minute EP “Fading Cosmos.” Written and recorded during the “Somnium” sessions in Lisbon, Portugal, Jacco looks to the stars once again for inspiration. Where Somnium was deeply influenced by Kepler and his stargazing innovations, Fading Cosmos asks “what’s next?” Korg synths bubble and fizz, basslines carry the groove and a beautifully picked acoustic guitar line comes together to bring to mind the work of Michael Rother and Conrad Schnitzler but with the lightness of one of Jacco’s big inspirations – Mort Garson.


The two tracks were mastered by Simon Heyworth (Eno, Oldfield, King Crimson) and are cut at 45rpm on black vinyl with a download code included. Head hear to pre-order: http://smarturl.it/fadingcosmos

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