Ghost Woman


Ghost Woman’s blissfully hypnotic world is the creation of melodic maniac, Evan John Uschenko. Beating the odds of life as a busy touring musician, salvaging and replacing his instruments from burned down rehearsal spaces, van break-ins and far too many relocations to list, Uschenko has transformed his lifelong habit of homespun sonic exploration into a sensory ‘mix and match’ experience destined for the main stage.

Today, Ghost Woman have shared the news about their self-titled album, coming July 1st via Full Time Hobby. Following the sold-out Lost Echo’s 7” single last year, Evan Uschenko has served us a 10-track slab of laid back psychedelic bliss, taking the Ghost Woman sound out from the raw garage rock of the debut single, into something more kaleidoscopic. Offering up another preview today in the form of Behind Your Eyes, Evan gave a sliver of info about its genesis:

“I made up the word “transformating” for this song. I was probably on mushrooms when it was written. The guitar parts just came together one day. Recorded the drums with 1 microphone. Recorded on a computer.

Evan’s sonic and literal adventures as a touring multi-instrumentalist with songwriter/producer/guitarist Michael Rault saw him share international stages with the likes of Jacco Gardner, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard and The Mild High Club;

who unwittingly paved the way for Ghost Woman’s inevitable incarnation.

“Having the opportunity to witness those groups perform was inspiring to say the least. Especially Gizz and Jacco. The attention to detail, professionalism as a touring act and the extra effort put into creating a killer live show doesn’t go unnoticed. It’s a calibre I’m just not used to where I’m from. When the tours were wrapped, I got home and immediately started writing music, with a live show in mind”

Ghost Woman’s upcoming self-titled LP brims with self-produced and self-performed Anatolian sounds and lo-fi hooks. Subscribing to the school of authenticity Uschenko seemingly shares with rebellious new-psych classmates Kurt Vile or The Black Angels, Ghost Woman takes its inspiration largely from groups like Can, Beak, Jefferson Airplane, The Byrds, and The Firesign Theatre.

So it’s no wonder the album’s sometimes krautrock groove is often thwarted by the unapologetic exploration of heartbreak and misplaced expectations. But heartbreak isn’t the only unsuccessful temptress at the band's doorstep,

“Not only did we have a rehearsal space catch fire and ruin some of our gear but this last year my van got broken into and ripped off some of my favourite guitars and amps. I try not to let that bug me too much, and luckily they were cheap-o Sears-Roebuck/Stencil amps/Japanese knock-offs.” He rambles with a morning coffee and cigarette in hand. “A few road bumps can’t stop us. It's only gonna make us come back stronger.”
As for the future? Well, with anticipation building for their first European tour (arriving May 2022 and wrapping in Early June at Levitation Fest in Angers, France) Ghost Woman is practicing patience; the devil makes work for idle hands. And there's always something to do.

The album is available to buy on limited edition red vinyl via Full Time Hobby + Rough Trade shops, and black vinyl globally. Head here to buy. 

Ghost Woman track list:

  1. All The Time
  2. Do You
  3. Dead & Gone
  4. Along
  5. Clockwork
  6. Behind Your Eyes
  7. All Your Love
  8. Jreaming
  9. Good
  10. Comes On

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