The Saxophones release "Just You"

Taken from "Aloha" 7" out 2nd Feb
The Saxophones

Ahead of the release of their second EP on Feb 2nd, The Saxophones have shared its B-side “Just You”.​

Fans of David Lynch and Mark Frost’s masterpiece Twin Peaks will pick up on this being a cover of one of the show’s most iconic songs, written by Lynch & Angelo Badalamenti back in the early 90s whilst on set.

Alexi Erenkov explained a bit more about the original’s influence on the band –

"The first time I heard the song “Just You,” Alison (my wife and bandmate) was watching Twin Peaks in our living room as I puttered around the house, I had still never watched more than an episode, I heard this song come on and immediately ran into the room. At the time, I had just begun playing electric guitar instead of acoustic and was experimenting with some new sounds; this was everything I wanted our band to sound like! The beautifully minimalistic instrumental and lyrical approach is still one I strive to attain in our music today.

When I started recording this cover, I had just purchased a Teac 2340 reel-to-reel and I used it to record the saxophone parts you hear here. As anyone who has played with a tape machine knows, great joy comes from speeding up and slowing down your recordings. By cutting the tape speed in half, I was able to drop my alto saxophone recordings down to the range of a baritone and create a very big saxophone sound. At the end of the track, if you listen closely, you can hear a duplicate version of the alto saxophone solo being played an octave down at half-speed.

While we added a few bells and whistles to this song, we really don’t intend our version to be in competition with the original, we see this as pure tribute."

Aloha / Just You is out 2nd Feb – pre-order here

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