"Her voice still has that same haunting timbre, but now it sounds motivated and optimistic, like she’s realizing her mystical powers and deciding what to do with them."

- Consequence of Sound


Today, Katie Von Schleicher releases “Wheel,” the standout single from her forthcoming album, Consummation, released on May 22nd 2020. Throughout “Wheel,”  jangly guitar, uptempo percussion and Von Schleicher’s airy vocals contrast melancholy lyrics: “I’m alone in the house // with your mark all around // all cold windows, like suffering.” The accompanying video, directed by V Haddad (Big Thief, Florist) was composed remotely during  our present isolation and features self-shot footage of Schleicher and other womxn / non-binary artists joining a group performance of  “Wheel.”


"When I listened to Katie’s song ‘Wheel’ I immediately felt elated, connected and empowered,” says director V Haddad. “Her lyrics lead me to imagine what those feelings could look like in this moment: we reached out and collaboratively made a music video with 25 people who created their own video-portraits of their life right now. They show personal and collective power, perseverance and joy in a time of isolation, uncertainty and hardship. Through this collaboration we found a really special sense of hope and possibility even while being apart."


Watch / share the video for “Wheel” HERE


Von Schleicher and Haddad will be donating the budget for the video to Safe Horizon, for which Von Scheicher will also fundraise via her Spotify page at the end of this month. Stay at home orders aimed at slowing the spread of the coronavirus have made violence in homes more frequent and more dangerous.


"I feel really lucky to collaborate with V. on the video for Wheel,” says Von Schleicher. “She came to me with a real understanding of the record's subtext, and her vision compliments the song so well. Her decision to donate her fee to support people who are vulnerable, isolated, and doubly affected by this pandemic was part of her initial pitch. It's beautiful of her to offer that."

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