To say Tunng have reinvented themselves on their new album ‘Turbines’ is a bit like remarking that Jay-Z has been doing a bit of rapping lately: flux defines them. Although the people making up the band are more or less the same as the lineup that first took the stage as a loose collective back in 2003, and there’s still a beating heart of “sci-fi pop”, the very sound and nature of the band shifts constantly.

“There’s a lot happened in this band in the last couple of years” says founder and songwriter-in-chief Mike Lindsay, “there’s been children born, people moving into different places, falling in love, skipping country, broadening horizons… maybe this is a coming-of-age record!”

Once again, there is newness in every step in Tunng’s career: precisely why, as ever, each song is a breath of fresh air.

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