School of Seven Bells

As beautiful as they are enthralling, School of Seven Bells caused a veritable frenzy amongst the indie media when we first signed them and released the debut album ‘Alpinisms’, and it’s easy to see (or should that be ‘hear’?) why. With gorgeous melodies and music alike, this project from former members of Secret Machines and On! Air! Library! captured imaginations, hearts and a growing legion of fans throughout 2008 / 2009.

With the release of sophomore album ‘Disconnect From Desire’ the legacy that ‘Alpinisms’ created was taken hold of and refined. Scaling new heights and exploring previously uncharted territory, the band came together to create a piece of work (for it is more than just a collection of songs) that charms and absorbs the listener, serving to please existing fans, but still capable of attracting newcomers to the SVIIB aesthetic.

School Of Seven Bells Facebook

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